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Expm.Package[ ]

A repository for publishing packages for BEAM-based languages, such as Elixir & Erlang

Bad news, everyone! is no longer maintained. We strongly suggest you migrate your packages away. A good replacement for Expm is Hex, which is integrated quite nicely into Elixir's mix command.

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Finder Elixir Module for finding files and directories.
Inflex An Elixir inflection library
Tuco Tuco Integration testing tool for web applications.
active Active development for Erlang: rebuild and reload source/binary files while the VM is running
algorithms Collection of algorithms for your Elixirs
amnesia Wrapper for mnesia
amnesic The forgetful cache. Cache mediated access to CouchBase in Elixir/Erlang
amqp AMQP utilities for Elixir
amrita A polite, well mannered and thoroughly upstanding testing framework for Elixir
apprentice Watches files and runs tests(eventually arbitrary code) when those files are modified
balanced-elixir Balanced API for Elixir
bogan_ipsum Aussie slang generator
cage Rack-inspired HTTP stack handling library for Elixir
calliope An Elixir library for haml templates
calrissian Monads for LFE
chronos An Elixir library for working with date times
coil Static content engine
con_cache ets based key/value cache with row level isolated writes and ttl support
couchbeam Apache CouchDB client in Erlang
couchie An Elixir library for accessing Couchbase 2.0
cowboy Small, fast, modular HTTP server
csvlixir Elixir CSV reader and writer
decimex Wrapper for erlang-decimal
dialyxir Mix tasks to simplify use of Dialyzer in Elixir projects.
discount Discount.ex - Elixir NIF for discount, a Markdown parser
dispcount Erlang task dispatcher based on ETS counters
docs_ghpages Mix task for publishing documentation with github pages.
eflow Flow machines
eidetic alternate mnesia interface for elixir
eisatty isatty(STDOUT) for Erlang
elixir Elixir is a functional meta-programming aware language built on top of the Erlang VM
elixir-bson BSON implementation for Elixir
elixir-mbcs Wrapper for erlang-mbcs
elixir-mongo MongoDB driver for Elixir
elixir_csv A simple CSV parser.
env_conf Environment Backed Configuration Service for Elixir
erlcloud Cloud Computing library for Erlang (Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, SimpleDB, Mechanical Turk, ELB)
erldn edn parser for the erlang platform
erlfsmon Erlang filesystem event watcher for Linux and OSX
erlfu Futures/promises for Erlang implemented as garbage collected processes
erlgit Convenience wrapper around git executable
erlpass A library to handle password hashing and changing in a safe manner, independent from any kind of storage whatsoever.
erlsemver Semantic Versioning parsing library
erlsh Erlang shell tools
esession HTTP session management
ewebmachine EWebmachine is an Elixir Wrapper around basho webmachine
exactor Helpers for easier implementation of actors in Elixir
excbor CBOR (RFC 7049) for Elixir
excheck Property-based testing for Elixir (QuickCheck style)
exconfig Elixir configuration library
excoveralls for Elixir
exdbi Elixir Database Interface
exdbi_pgsql Elixir Database Interface for PostgreSQL
exemplar HTML as S-Expressions for LFE
exerl Elixir macro to alias Elixir module names in Erlang
exfirebase Firebase REST API library for Elixir
exirc An IRC client library written in Elixir
exlager Elixir wrapper over basho/lager
exlydtl Mix task to precompile erlydtl templates
exmig Elixir DSL for migrations
exmsgpack MessagePack for Elixir
exn Elixir Notation
expm Elixir package manager
exprintf A printf / sprintf library for Elixir
exprof A simple code profiler for Elixir using eprof
exrecord A tiny library to facilitate record upgrades in Elixir
exredis Redis client for Elixir
exreloader Automatic module reloader
exrtm An elixir library for remember the milk API
extwitter Twitter client library for elixir
exvcr Record and replay HTTP interactions library for elixir
exzmq ØMQ for Elixir
facebook Facebook Graph API Wrapper
finalizer Define a GC finalizer
flaky A decentralized, k-ordered id generation service in Elixir (based on Flake)
fun_chain Function chaining in Erlang
gcproc Garbage collected processes
genx Elixir-style library for most important OTP functionality
geo A collection of GIS functions
gist_fetcher an extremely basic gist fetcher
graphviz Generate GraphViz diagrams
hackney Simple HTTP client in Erlang
hackney_lib Web toolkit - miscellaneous modules to play with HTTP and Web protocols
hex A simple module for encoding and decoding Hex strings in Elixir.
httpotion Fancy HTTP client for Elixir
ifstring Erlang string predicates
json Native Elixir library for JSON encoding and decoding
jsonex Wrapper for jsx
jsx an erlang application for consuming, producing and manipulating json
lagerex Lightweight Lager 'binding'
lambda Syntactic sugar for defining lambda functions with explicit scope
lfe Lisp Flavored Erlang
lfe-openstack Pure LFE language bindings for OpenStack Clouds
lfe-rackspace Pure LFE language bindings for the Rackspace Cloud
lfe-reveal-js An LFE/Exemplar Wrapper for Reveal.js
lfe-utils Utility functions for LFE
lfest Routing in webapps/services on LFE+YAWS
lfeunit An eunit clone for LFE
link_shrinkex Create short URLs using Google's URL Shortener API.
loise A Noise-Generator for LFE
managed_process Garbage collected processes
mimetypes Erlang MIME types library
monad Haskell style monads and do-syntax
money Library for working with monetary amounts and currencies
nano_ring Tiny distributed cluster management with gossip+crdt
nested functions for manipulating hierarchies of structures in Elixir
oauthex Wrapper for erlang-oauth
ossp_uuid NIF-based ossp-uuid binding
plugs Plug middleware
poolboy A hunky Erlang worker pool factory
proj4erl PROJ.4 bidings for Erlang using NIFs
properex PropEr support for Elixir
proto_ws Websockets protocol parsers. Library for building WebSocket servers and clients
ranch Socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols
random Elixir port of Python 3 random module.
redis Eredis wrapper
relex Release assembler
riak_pool Provides pooled Riak connections, with auto-reconnect
ropex Rope in elixir providing faster index based operations then binaries.
socket Elixir socket wrapping library.
somlos DSL for application upgrades
statistics General statistical functions
sugar Modular web framework for Elixir
supervisorring otp/supervisor-like interface to supervise DHT distributed children
tau The mathematical constant tau
tavern Somewhat RESTfull extension for cowboy without support of hypermedia
templates A helper library for adding templating to web applications
timex Date/Time library for Elixir
tirexs An Elixir based DSL for operating the ElasticSearch cluster related stuff, such as indexes, scoped queries and so on.
validatex Validatex is a simple Elixir library for validating (input) data
verbal_expressions Express Regular Expressions more verbally.
webdriver Elixir WebDriver library
workex Control over message receiving and processing in elixir workers
xonad (Functionless) Monad-style macros for Elixir
yaws-rest-starter A Starter Project for RESTful Services in YAWS using LFE

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